Pronto Home Delivery provides for all shopping needs

Personalized Delivery Same Ambassador

Inhouse Ambassadors and Vans
Ambassadors Trained in Customer Service
Quality Delivery with Refrigerators and HIPAA Controls
Additional Services – Unpacking
Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Delivery Options - No Membership Fee

Free Delivery for PROshop Orders Over $35

BONUS – FREE Pickup & Delivery from 2 Stores

For PROshop Orders Below $35

Ala Carte

  • PROshop delivery – $5 plus
  • Pickup – $2 /store

Green Package – $12 / month

  • 2 deliveries / month
  • PROshop + 3 stores per delivery

Gold Package – $20 / month

  • 4 deliveries / month
  • PROshop + 3 stores per delivery

Secured Payment Processing Pay on Delivery

Coverage - Oakland County, MI Order by 8am for Same Day Delivery

Delivery days:
Monday – Saturday

Delivery slots
12:00 pm – 2:30 pm and
2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

We do not offer domestic or international shipping elsewhere.

How to Order on Pronto?

On Mobile Phone

Pickup & Delivery from Stores

Why are We Different Delivery of All Your Shopping Needs

What Customers are Saying on Social Media

I would definitely recommend this service! It’s super cool that they will go to more than one store for online pick-ups and deliver them to you when you need them. They also offer a subscription to the service, which is pretty cool as well.


Alyssa DeWaele


In stormy weather, my health is impacted greatly. What a blessing, during work or different times, to have my groceries and pharmacy delivered! Best of all, a kind familiar delivery man strong enough to carry all the bags up the many stair and right in to my kitchen! Price is low and refrigerated truck assures fresh food and meat. Thank you for outstanding services!


Patricia Rife-Beavers


Friendly and on time!!!!!!


Cynthia Khayat



We'll Answer Any of Your Questions

What exactly is Pro Shop?

A Pronto store where we find high-quality, low-cost products that our customers frequently order.

Who are your vendors?

We buy from a variety of local suppliers in order to provide fresh products of the highest quality at the lowest possible price. In Pro Shop, you can view the product brands.

What about items that aren’t in the store?

You can order items not available in Pro Shop from retailers covered by Pronto. We will combine them with items from the Pro Shop and deliver them together.

How does Pronto select stores?

We choose stores based on the availability of online ordering and the ability to designate an alternate person for pickup. For a retailer that has multiple stores in a group, we select the store that provides the best service. It allows us to service our customers more efficiently.

Will the number of stores change in future?

Yes. We are constantly encouraging store owners to provide curbside pickup facility so that we can provide a more comprehensive selection of stores to our customers.

Can I recommend a store?

Absolutely. We will make every effort to include your store in our roster. In case we have trouble adding the store, we will let you know what you can do to encourage the store owner to provide curbside pickup.

How do I know if Pronto provides service in my area?

In the “Coverage” page, you will be able to check if Pronto covers your zip code. If your zip code is not covered, please email us at [email protected], and we will notify once we start coverage of your neighborhood.

Which stores are covered in my area?

Once you create an account with Pronto, you will see a larger set of stores in “How to Order” tab. 

Why do I have to create an order on Pronto?

Without your authorization, Pronto will not be able to deliver your order. Sending email to us is not sufficient, you will have to create order on Pronto for us to deliver your order. Also, you will have to forward the store emails, so we know what items you would like us to pickup.

How do I know my Ambassador?

We will assign a few Ambassadors to you. They will be delivering your goods regularly. Ambassador profiles will be provided, so you can become familiar with them. The profile will include their photo, background, customer feedback. 

For each of your Pronto order, the order page will list a couple of Ambassadors who will be responsible for deliveries. There is a primary ambassador who will be delivering the goods. In case, he or she is not available, the secondary ambassador will be making the delivery.

How do I schedule a delivery with Pronto?

  • Create an order with Pronto: Select a date and delivery slot on the order page. Select the stores from your favorites list and any service you would like. Complete the order by checking out.
  • Complete order on the retailer website: Include Ambassador name in the retailer ordering page as designated pickup person and verify the right store location for pickup. Pay for your items.
  • Forward order and pickup confirmation emails to Pronto: Once you have scheduled deliveries in Pronto website, forward order and pickup confirmation from retailer to the email address [email protected] with delivery date mentioned in MM/DD/YYYY. Emails forwarded to other Pronto email addresses will not be processed.

Why do I have to forward both order and pickup confirmation emails to Pronto?

Order confirmation email allows us to know what you have ordered. This is to avoid any mistakes during pickup or any error made by the stores packing your order.

Pickup confirmation allows us to know that orders are ready for pickup. Also, in most cases, retailers provide a barcode on pickup orders, which is required at the time of pickup.

What if I need to change a date or add/remove retailers from an existing order?

Pronto order history page provides two options — Edit and Cancel for all orders. Note, you will not be able to edit or change an order on the day or delivery.

  • Edit: You will be able to add or remove retailers to an existing order and also change a delivery slot. However, you will not be able to change the delivery date.
  • Cancel: In case you need to change the delivery date, you will have to cancel your existing order and create a new one.

How do I order from a retailer?

You will find ordering information for retailers in two places.

  • In the account page, you will find “how to order” tab that provides links for each retailer. Each of these links provides a detailed explanation of how you can order on that particular retailer.
  • The order page also has links on a retailer website and how to order. The link will provide you ordering details for each of the retailers.

After you have selected products and checking out at the retailer website, please ensure you have selected pick up from the right store and designated Pronto Ambassador as your pickup person. Some retailers don’t provide the option of adding an alternate pickup person. That’s ok for the stores on our list.

How can I simplify my weekly ordering on retailers?

It takes a little time initially. Once you create a profile with a retailer, you can then use your previous orders from order history to reorder items. The process is simple and quick.

Will Pronto pay and then charge me?

No. At this time, we pickup and deliver orders from stores. You will have to pay for the merchandise directly to the store. We may introduce this service in future.

What if I order on a wrong store?

Pronto does not cover all stores of in network retailers. You must order on the right store. In case you order on a wrong store, you will be able to change your store address easily by using the following steps:

  • From you existing order page, add all your items to the cart. Retailer order page will have a link for this.
  • Cancel your existing order and the retailer will release credit card hold.
  • Reorder the items in the cart on the right store.

How do I know my order is confirmed and ready for pickup?

After you have completed the checkout, most retailers will send you two emails. The first one confirming the order and the second one confirming the order is ready for pickup. We will upload PDF copies of both emails so you can see on the order page. Once the store confirms the order is ready for pickup, we will send you an email confirming the delivery date and time.

How do I know when Pronto will make delivery?

The deliveries will be made based on the time slot selected by you while ordering delivery on Pronto. You can track the real-time ETA of each shipment on our website.

Will you be making separate deliveries or combined delivery?

All the deliveries in a day will be combined and dropped off together.

Do we need to be home to receive the delivery?

You don’t have to be home to receive the delivery. However, you should indicate if we can leave your shipments outside your home. If we don’t have your permission to leave deliveries outside, we will make another attempt and then return the goods to the stores for a refund.

Will you deliver inside the home or unpack?

We will be happy to make deliver inside your home or garage. However, there will be a small fee if we have to unpack the boxes or remove the boxes.

What happens there is a problem with a pickup or delivery?

We will immediately notify you based on your choice of notification (email or text).

What if there is a missing item or wrong items were delivered?

For PROshop items, please notify immediately and we will get you the right items or provide credit for future purchases.

For store pickup & delivery orders, the stores select the items that you have ordered for pickup. Pronto will pick up the order(s) and deliver to your home. Our Ambassadors do a cursory check for items ordered, but are not responsible for ensuring the store has picked your items accurately. If you determine any discrepancies in your order, please contact the store to address for any resolution.

How do you select Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are selected carefully for their customer orientation. Each will go through a background check, driver license check, and drug test before being sent to customer homes. On a regular basis, they go through customer service training.

Are Ambassadors employees or contractors?

Ambassadors are W2 employees. We believe they are our assets, and we heavily invest in their training and development.

How are Ambassadors compensated?

Ambassadors are paid competitive base wage similar to that of package delivery companies. They are also paid a bonus every three months based on customer feedback. In addition to that, 100% of customer tips go to them. Ambassadors are also provided with health and other benefits.

How can I tip Ambassador?

You have multiple opportunities to tip your Ambassador. You can tip them during the ordering process or after delivery from your order history page. 100% of your tip goes to Ambassador.

What is Pronto doing to reduce waste and landfill?

Pronto has a sustainability program that looks at reducing waste/landfill in the communities we serve. We are eliminating the use of cardboard boxes and single-use plastics as far as possible.

Instead of cardboard boxes, Pronto uses reusable crates. See writeup —

Also, instead of using single-use plastic bags, Pronto uses reusable paper bags. We will be happy to take the bags from you and reuse them. See writeup —

Is Pronto licensed in Michigan?

Yes, Pronto is registered to sale in Michigan.

  • Food Retail Establishment License # — FRL-209505
  • Registered with LARA

Can I order frozen items?

Yes, you can order frozen items. Pronto is the only grocery home delivery service that has a refrigeration unit in the van. Your frozen and refrigerated grocery items will be delivered in a temperature controlled environment.

Does Pronto deliver alcohol?

Pronto plans to add delivery of beer and wine once it obtains MLCC liquor license for the same. The delivery will be made to an adult who has to show valid identification.

Do you deliver food or meals?

At this time, Pronto doesn’t deliver food/meal from local restaurants. However, Pronto does deliver frozen and other food/meal items from grocery stores.

Why do I have to become a member?

To provide consistent delivery with excellent customer service, our team needs to know your order pattern.

What are the different subscription levels?

Pronto provides two levels of subscription at this time. The first level offers two deliveries a month and the second level allows you to schedule four deliveries a month. If you need additional deliveries, you can buy non-subscription delivery anytime.

How many stores can be included in each delivery?

You can include up to 4 stores in each delivery. There is a fee for additional stores – $1.50/store for Green Package and $1.25/store for Gold Package.

How does your pricing work?

You are charged a monthly subscription. In case of the Green Package, it covers 2 deliveries in a month and each delivery includes 4 stores. So, you effectively pay $1.50/store = $12 / (2 deliveries x 4 stores). In case of the Gold Package, it covers 4 deliveries in a month and each delivery includes 4 stores. So, you effectively pay $1.25/store = $20 / (4 deliveries x 4 stores).

How do you determine subscription fees?

Subscription fees vary by city depending on toll, congestion, and other factors.

How do I try service before becoming a member?

At this time, we are offering 2 free deliveries over the first 2 weeks. This will allow you to test our service before start of subscription. 

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime. 

How do I reach Pronto if there is a problem?

There are multiple ways you can reach us — phone, email, or chat with us. The contact information is at the bottom portion of the website. You can also complete the forms in the support section of the website.

Pronto strives to provide excellent customer service, and we will do everything to rectify any problem quickly and to your satisfaction.

How do I show my appreciation to the Ambassador?

The bonus of each Ambassador is determined by customer feedback. You can provide your comments online about an Ambassador. You can also tip them when you order from our website. The tips go to our Ambassador directly.

How do we return Pro Shop items?

If you are not happy with any Pro Shop items, let us know from the feedback section and we will let you know the return process. We have made the return process simple.

Will Pronto return items for Pickup & Delivery from Stores?

Pronto doesn’t offer the return service at this time. If there is enough demand, we will update you. Please reach out to us at [email protected]

How do I get my bottle deposit refunded?

Pronto makes it simple to return bottles and receive a refund deposit. Your ambassador will gladly accept bottle returns and deposit refunds when they arrive for delivery. If you are not receiving delivery, please let us know if you would like to return bottles by sending an email to [email protected]

The health and safety of all involved in the delivery experience are of the utmost importance to Pronto. Pronto believes in a healthy customer, a healthy experience, and a healthy world. To protect our customers, ambassadors, and all involved, Pronto is taking the following steps, which will be updated based on information and guidance received from CDC, Federal, or State Officials.

With our in-house Ambassadors and vans, Pronto is taking following steps —

  • Pickup – Pronto is establishing a no-touch and social distancing requirements for its Ambassadors while picking up items at stores as far as possible. Pronto Ambassadors are required to wear disposable gloves at all times and change them as often as needed.
  • Van / Crates / Delivery Items – To maintain a clean and healthy environment while delivering, Pronto Ambassadors are provided with sanitary wipes to clean van, crates, and delivery items as required.
  • Delivery to Customers – Pronto Ambassador will deliver, as per the requirements by customers, either at the front of the door or inside the house. No touch and wearing protective disposable gloves are required while making deliveries to customers. Ambassadors will promptly respond to any requests from customers to ensure the safety and health of all involved.

Pronto Home Delivery welcomes all suggestions to improve safe and healthy delivery to customers. Please email your ideas to [email protected]

Is my payment secured? 

Yes, all payments are handled by secured payment gateways and your credit card information never hits our servers.

Several payment options are available including credit & debit cards, PayPal, ApplePay and GPay.

When is my credit card charged?

ProShop items and non-subscription delivery fee will be authorized on your credit card at the time of ordering. You will be charged upon delivery.

Subscription delivery fee is charged at the time of subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Can I order on my phone or tablet? 

Yes, you can order on your phone or tablet by opening our site in any browser. We don’t have a separate app, but our website behaves as if it’s an app (web app) when opened on a smartphone browser. It saves us from paying money to platforms and thereby pass that savings to our customers.

Can I use ApplePay and GPay?

Yes. On supported devices and browsers by ApplePay and GPay, you will able to pay with these methods.